Hospital Leadership

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Scarborough Rouge Hospital has a leadership team structure comprised of our Board of Directors, the senior management team, and our medical leadership. Members of the media wishing to contact any of our leaders are asked to call 647-294-8885 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Board of Directors

  • Maureen Adamson
    Board Chair
  • Matt Ainley
  • Yazdi Bharucha
  • Christian Buhagiar
  • Valerie Carter
  • Fred Clifford
  • Andrea Cohen Barrack
  • Janet Dalicandro
  • Ome Jamal
  • Alan Mak
  • Graeme McKay
  • Terri McKinnon
  • Glenna Raymond
  • Krishan Suntharalingam
  • Karen Webb

Learn more about the SRH Board of Directors, and view the complete Board, including ex-officio members.


Senior management team

  • Andrée Robichaud
    Interim President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Naresh Mohan
    Interim Chief Medical Officer & Chair, Medical Advisory Committee
  • Cara Flemming
    Vice-President Corporate Services & Chief Financial Officer
  • Rhonda Lewis
    Vice-President Human Resources  & Volunteer Services
  • Linda Calhoun
    Vice-President Patient Services & Chief Nursing Executive
  • Rick Gowrie
    Vice-President Capital Planning & Facilities Operations
  • Michele James
    Vice-President Performance, Strategy & Innovation
  • Amelia McCutcheon
    Vice-President Patient Services
  • Nurallah Rahim
    Vice-President Patient Services
  • Mark Vimr
    Vice-President Patient Services
  • Leigh Duncan
    Executive Director, Government Relations & Communications

Download SRH organizational chart (March 21, 2017)


Medical leadership

  • Dr. Naresh Mohan
    Interim Chief Medical Officer & Chair, Medical Advisory Committee
  • Dr. Peter Azzopardi
    Department Chief, Paediatrics, Birchmount and General
  • Dr. Stephen Barsky
    Department Chief, Psychiatry, Birchmount and General
  • Dr. Martin Betts
    Department Chief, Critical Care, Birchmount and General
  • Dr. Joe Butchey
    Department Chief, Emergency Medicine, Centenary
  • Dr. Karen Chang
    Department Chief, Paediatrics, Centenary
  • Dr. Michael Chapman
    Department Chief, Surgery, Birchmount and General
  • Dr. Norman Chu
    Department Chief, Emergency Medicine, Birchmount and General
  • Ms. Tama Cross
    Division Head, Midwifery (division), Birchmount and General
  • Dr. Larry Erlick
    Department Chief, Family Medicine, Birchmount and General
  • Dr. Dina El-Sahrigy
    Department Chief, Lab Medicine, Centenary
  • Dr. Sandy Finkelstein
    Department Chief, Medicine, Birchmount and General
  • Dr. Steven Fishman
    Department Chief, Psychiatry, Centenary
  • Dr. Jon Hummel
    Department Chief, Surgery, Centenary
  • Dr. Jawad Khokhar
    Department Chief, Family Medicine, Centenary
  • Ms. Claudette Leduc
    Division Head, Midwifery (division), Centenary
  • Dr. Dhun Noria
    Department Chief, Lab Medicine, Birchmount and General
  • Dr. Sam Rabinovitch
    Department Chief, Diagnostic Imaging, Centenary
  • Dr. Joseph Ricci
    Department Chief, Cardiology, Centenary
  • Dr. Nathan Roth
    Department Chief, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Birchmount
  • Dr. Colette Rutherford
    Department Chief, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Centenary
  • Dr. Bruce Shuckett
    Department Chief, Diagnostic Imaging, Birchmount and General
  • Dr. Georgina Wilcock
    Department Chief, Obstetrics/Gynecology, General
  • Dr. Teraiza Yassa
    Department Chief, Medicine, Centenary
  • Dr. Dov Soberman (Birchmount and General), President, Medical Staff Association
  • Dr. Amir Janmohamed (Centenary), Vice-President, Medical Staff Association
  • Dr. Nina Venka (Birchmount and General), Secretary, Medical Staff Association
  • Dr. Mansour Bendago (Centenary), Treasurer, Medical Staff Association

Download SRH Medical Advisory Committee organizational chart (December 2016)