Shoulder Care

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The Shoulder Centre—coming soon

Rouge Valley’s shoulder program is a one-stop shop for patients with shoulder-related concerns. Our goal is to provide you with quicker access to a shoulder expert without a long wait.

We can connect you to a wide range of services to support your care at all stages, from consultation to treatment and follow-up care. Our team of leading experts and specialists are here to provide you with the right care for the right diagnosis, at the right time.

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Our patients

We know that about one-third of family physician visits are for muscle or joint concerns, with shoulder pain being second only to lower back pain. These shoulder-related concerns can happen at any point in patients’ lives, usually increasing with age.

Conditions that we treat

Our shoulder program can help patients from across Scarborough and Durham for a variety of issues, including:

  • Tears — including rotator cuff, acute long head of biceps tendon, labral and pectoralis

  • Shoulder impingement and tendonitis

  • Shoulder dislocation and recurrent shoulder instability

  • Joint arthritis (glenohumeral and acromioclavicular)

  • Fractures (of clavicle, scapula and proximal humerus)


Our services

Our shoulder program represents a centralized centre for accessing a wide range of services. Based on what your shoulder concern is, we will connect you to the appropriate care by the appropriate individual. This includes surgery for those who need it, or access to several non-surgical treatments.

Because of this centralized model of care that brings together many different experts and clinical resources, we can get patients the care they need faster and easier.


Your care with Rouge Valley’s shoulder program will start with a consultation with one of our shoulder experts, who will diagnose your shoulder problem and/or arrange additional tests if needed. Sometimes an MRI may be requested, which would be arranged at our hospital, but usually a simple X-ray and/or ultrasound can provide appropriate information. Selective injections may also be used for diagnosis.


Once we know your diagnosis, our healthcare team will create a customized treatment plan for you. Depending on your needs, you may see more than one shoulder expert.


  • These medically-supervised sessions of targeted exercises and stretching can help to correct shoulder injuries and related concerns

pain and anti-
inflammatory medication therapy

  • These drugs are commonly used to ease the pain and discomfort of arthritis and joint inflammation

Corticosteroid joint injection

  • These injections can offer fast-acting relief by reducing inflammation of joints and tendons in the shoulder

Shoulder surgery

  • Various kinds of surgery are possible to fix tendons, repair the joint, or to perform a total joint replacement
  • Shoulder surgery at Rouge Valley includes prehabilitation, which is a one-hour education session with nurse educator and physiotherapist before your procedure that provides you with training to help improve outcomes after surgery


Our shoulder team

At the core of Rouge Valley’s shoulder program is a group of leading shoulder experts and specialists. This includes four orthopaedic surgeons, a shoulder specialist non-surgical physician, an orthopaedic surgery physician assistant, and physiotherapists from our hospital outpatient rehabilitation program. We are committed to bringing better care to our community for patients suffering from shoulder problems.


Making an appointment

If you have shoulder concern and would like to be seen by our program, please have your family physician or nurse practitioner complete our referral form and fax it to 905-428-5339. Your referral will be reviewed by one of our shoulder experts to connect you with the provider who best meets your needs.

Download referral form

We will contact you within one week to book your appointment. If you are looking for a consultation with a specific surgeon, your appointment will be booked based on availability.

For questions or more information about our shoulder program, please contact us at 905-683-2320 ext. 5313.


The Shoulder Centre – coming soon

In the coming months, Rouge Valley will be undergoing construction of a new Shoulder Centre. This state-of-the-art facility will house resources and equipment for providing our shoulder services. The new centre will be located at Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering hospital campus, conveniently nearby our fracture clinic and diagnostic imaging department.

The Rouge Valley Health System Foundation is leading a new campaign to raise funds for the constructing the new clinic space for The Shoulder Centre, as well as for enhancing our hospital’s operating suites with the most up-to-date, and for research and education projects that will help make the Shoulder Centre a sustainable model of care.