Strategic Plan

Rouge Valley's new strategic plan is the culmination of several months of research and engagement with the hospital's community — including patients and their families, community groups, elected leaders, staff, doctors and volunteers.

The new vision statement is: Together – the best at what we do.

This statement builds upon Rouge Valley’s previous vision statement, with the added meaning that we will be the best at what we do:

  • Together — With our patients and families to best meet their needs;

  • Together — As a team of staff, doctors and volunteers;

  • Together — As a system working with other healthcare providers, local partners and government to deliver services for patients and their families.

To achieve that vision, the hospital has set out three strategic directions:

  • Innovators of a Quality Patient Experience – The hospital will achieve this by consistently offering exceptional quality services that exceed the expectations of patients, families and our communities through innovative practices and technological solutions.

  • Champions of a Connected Health System for Patients – The hospital will achieve this by ensuring that the patient’s perspective drives a more unified journey of care. We know that patients and their families need a true system that is easier for them to navigate.

  • Workplace of Choice – The hospital will promote innovation, excellence and continuous improvement throughout Rouge Valley Health System. It will attract and keep talented healthcare practitioners and professionals, administrative and support staff, and volunteers, who are focused on a positive patient and team experience.

The new strategic plan was introduced at Rouge Valley's Annual General Meeting of Members on June 23, 2015 (see news release). Download our Strategic Plan On-a-page 2015-18


Strategic planning process

In fall 2014, Rouge Valley started its new strategic planning process as part of our regular planning cycle (see Nov. 17, 2014 news release for additional background).

Since October, we have completed many research and stakeholder engagement activities — including focus groups, interviews and surveys (see Oct. 28 news release) — that helped to inform the strategic planning process. We thank the more than 1,000  participants, including community members, family physicians and elected leaders, as well as our staff, physicians, midwives, volunteers, RVHS Board of Directors, and members of the Community Advisory Group (CAG).

In April, we carried out another round of stakeholder engagement with an online survey on our draft Vision Statements and Strategic Directions, which was shared publicly with more than 115,000 community members via Facebook and Twitter, and by email invitation to community organizations, political leaders and the CAG. We also presented the draft Vision Statements and Strategic Directions for discussion and input and shared the survey with our Board, staff, and medical leadership team.

An in-depth environmental scan was also completed during the strategic planning process. The scan assessed Rouge Valley's external and internal environments, identifying key issues, trends, challenges and opportunities. This report was used to inform the finalization of the strategic plan.

Download Environmental Scan Report

We would like to thank all those engaged in this process for your thoughtful participation! All of the input we received over the last several months has helped with the development of Rouge Valley's new strategic plan 2015-18, that will begin being rolled out over the summer and fall.