Cardiac Videos

Spotlight on Rouge Valley's cardiac services

Cardiac diagnostics—featuring the Echo machine

This 46-second video, which takes place in the new cardiac diagnostics unit at Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering, highlights the benefits of our echocardiogram machine.

Interventional cardiology and fast-track emergency cardiac care

In this 41-second video, cardiologist Dr. Saleem Kassam describes how this new program saves the lives of cardiac patients in east Toronto and Durham Region.

Arrhythmia clinic

This 37-second clip features staff from Rouge Valley's arrhythmia management services.

Cardiac rehabilitation

Exercise therapists in the Rouge Valley Centenary-based cardiac rehabilitation program show you how our services works to keep cardiac patients in optimal heart health in this 45-second video.


Cardiologist interviews

Dr. Paul Galiwango: Why heart disease is prevalent in the black community

In this seven-minute video, cardiologist Dr. Paul Galiwango discusses the issue of heart disease and hypertension faced by the black community.