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An important part of how Rouge Valley engages our community is through regular communications such as social media, in-person meetings, newsletters, advertising and corporate reports to let the community know what's happening with their hospital.


Echo is the official magazine of our hospital, bringing all the good news from Rouge to staff, physicians, volunteers—and to our patients, visitors and members of our community.

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Getting to Know...

This series of public flyers is aimed at bringing key hospital and related health information to the community. (in PDF format)


Community messages

As your community hospital, Rouge Valley often provides helpful health-related information through our ads in the local newspapers. Take a look at  some of the community messages we brought to you over the last year, and spread the word!


Annual reports

It's nice to look back at the previous year of serving our community and reflect on what we have achieved and where we are heading. We capture all of this every year in our annual reports.



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