Ontario Laboratories Information System

Rouge Valley is now connected to the Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS). This is a key part of the province’s e-Health Strategy and the creation of an electronic health record for Ontarians.

What is OLIS?

OLIS is an electronic system that can store and share laboratory requisitions and test results digitally. Hospitals, community laboratories and other health care providers that have been authorized can access the information available in OLIS. In particular, OLIS may be used by health care providers involved in your care to access and transmit your lab test information to one another.

What that means for patients is that when you have a lab test at the hospital, the test results will be reported to OLIS. This allows health care providers — including, hospitals, community laboratories, public health laboratories and practitioners — to securely share lab results.

There are many benefits to patients, including:

  • Timely and complete lab information will improve care;

  • Less duplication of lab tests;

  • Fewer gaps in patient information for patients who move between a hospital, family physician, and/or long-term-care home, for example;

  • And reduced lab result wait times.

Your privacy

We are very serious at Rouge Valley about ensuring the privacy and security of your personal health care information. Only your health care providers can access your lab results on OLIS, as they are not public. If you restrict access to OLIS, only the health care providers named on the lab requisition will be able to access the results.

Restrict access to your information

There are two ways that you can restrict access to your information:

  • Complete a Withdrawal of Consent Form – Please download and complete a Withdrawal of Consent Form, and bring it with you to submit at the laboratory at Rouge Valley when having your test performed. On the form, you can select whether you would like to restrict access to all of your information or access to only a specific laboratory order.

  • Contact Service Ontario – If you prefer, you can contact Service Ontario directly and make a request to restrict access to your information. Please call Service Ontario at 1-800-291-1405 (TTY 1-800-387-5559).

Reinstate access to all of your information

You may reinstate your consent for the ministry and other health care providers to access all of your laboratory test results contained in OLIS by completing a Reinstatement of Consent Form and submitting it to a participating laboratory when you have a test performed. Alternatively, you can contact Service Ontario at 1-800-291-1405 (TTY 1-800-387-5559).

Accessing your information

You have the right to access your personal health information under the Personal Health Information Protections Act, 2004 (PHIPPA). If you would like to know what laboratory test information of yours is contained in OLIS, please contact the ministry's Freedom of Information and Privacy Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 416-327-7040.

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