Regional Cardiac Care Centre

Rouge Valley's cardiac care program is not only a vital part of our hospital and surrounding communities, it also plays a specialized role in the broader Scarborough/Durham region. Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care requires all 14 of the province’s Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) to establish regional cardiac centres for their jurisdictions. In February 2009, the Central East LHIN designated Rouge Valley’s cardiac care program as the cardiac centre in this area.

For more details, view the CE LHIN Clinical Services Plan.


Delivering quality service

Full-service approach

As a regional cardiac care centre, our program has a full-service approach to the delivery of care. Cardiac patients usually require several different points of ongoing care in order to successfully diagnose, treat and manage their cardiac disease or condition. Working with the cardiac programs at other hospitals and health care sites in the area, we ensure that patients have access to excellent cardiac services without having to leave the area.

Local and regional services

Some cardiac services, such as diagnostic tests and cardiac rehabilitation, are delivered at the community level by the local cardiac programs. Rouge Valley offers these services for our own local communities of Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax and Whitby. Other cardiac services, such as coronary angioplasty, are more resource-intensive and have better outcomes when done in higher volumes. These services have been centralized at Rouge Valley, and are available to cardiac patients across the area so that they can get the care they need close to home.