Research Studies & Research Ethics Board

The primary and clear mandate of the RVHS Research Ethics Board (REB) is the protection and safety of the public who are participating in clinical research trials.

At Rouge Valley, the REB's clear moral foundation of clinical equipoise requires that people will not be disadvantaged by research participation. The rights, safety and well-being of the clinical trial participants are the most important consideration, even above the interests of science. The basic ethical principles of the REB are to do no harm (non-maleficience), to disclose all facts, to communicate truthfully (veracity) and to conduct valid research.

The RVHS REB will act in compliance with all laws, policies, standards and guidelines governing human research, which are applicable to a submitted research study including but not limited to the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans, the World Medical Association Declaration of Helinski, and the Personal Health Information Protection Act.


Research at RVHS

Rouge Valley has approximately 55 active research trials, comprised of 30% clinical trials and 70% non-clinically related trials (restrospective chart reviews). Clinical Trials are typically in the areas of cardiology, orthopedics, paediatrics and infectious diseases, but all hospital areas can potentially provide research opportunities if a Prinicpal Investigator is identified. Our mental health department is also looking to conduct more clinical trials in the upcoming months.

For research related inquiries, please contact 416-284-8131.


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