Transitional Restorative Care Program

Following a serious illness or injury, some patients may no longer require hospital-level care, but they may not yet be ready to safely return home. Many medically-stable patients, who remain in an acute care bed, can become more frail or de-conditioned.

Instead of being discharged to a long-term care facility, patients may be recommended for a brief stay in Rouge Valley's transitional restorative care program (TRCP). The goal of this specialized unit is to get patients to a level of health at which they are ready to return to their home.

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Our facility

The TRCP is a 20-bed unit funded by the Central East Local Health Integration Network and located at Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering hospital campus. This supportive environment is fitted with resources and equipment to allow patients to move around and begin doing activities they would normally do as they get better—such as getting out of bed and getting dressed.

In addition, a patient dining room is accessible on the unit, where all patients are encouraged to have their meals. All patient rooms have telephones. Televisions are available upon request.

Our services

Through the TRCP, patients are helped to recover their strength, endurance and functioning so that they are ready to go for inpatient rehabilitation or be discharged home. The program includes individual and group exercises, as well as group dining. Most patients remain in the transitional restorative care program for one to eight weeks.

Our services include:

  • Medical and therapeutic support

  • A specialized care plan to help patients regain their strength, functioning, and independence

  • Guidance for families and caregivers in how to support patients

The TRCP team

The TRCP is staffed by a specialized health care team led by doctors and nurses, with support from physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, speech therapists and personal support workers.

Partnership with Central East Community Care Access Centre

The TRCP is a partnership between Rouge Valley Health System and the Central East Community Care Access Centre (CECCAC). As part of the interdisciplinary health care team, there is a CECCAC case manager onsite, who helps to select patients who are eligible to go to the TRCP for care. The case manager works closely with patients and their family members.

TRCP patients

The TRCP has been designed for patients over the age of 18, who have experienced medical or surgical issues and need additional restorative care. These patients are generally in stable health, although they may have experienced de-conditioning in their level of health due to being hospitalized for sickness or injury. These patients are expected to be able to return home or another community setting within one to eight weeks.

Learn about the TRCP's very first patient!

Involving family

Families and friends are important to the comfort, healing and recovery of patients. We encourage families to participate as members of the interdisciplinary care team, and to visit during regularly scheduled visiting hours. We ask all visitors to respect our policy of two visitors at a time.

Contact information

Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering: 905-683-2320 ext. 1390