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Visiting hours

Visiting hours at Rouge Valley Health System are from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Find out more.

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Parking revenues are an important source of funds to purchase hospital equipment. Our rates are comparable to those at other area hospitals. Patients are encouraged to leave their cars at home when entering the hospital for overnight stays. Find out more.


Patient and Family Centred Care

Patient and Family Centred Care (PFCC) is a philosophy that embraces health-care professionals working together with patients and their families to plan, deliver, evaluate and improve health care. At Rouge Valley Health System, we are  committed to PFCC and building its principles into everything we do.

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Hand hygiene

Hand hygiene helps to stop the spread of germs and infections. At Rouge Valley, our health care staff are committed to practicing good hand hygiene. However, visitors also need to pay close attention to their hand hygiene. We ask that visitors be sure to always clean their hands before going into a patient's room and after leaving a patient's room. You can find hand sanitizer mounted on the wall outside of every patient room at Rouge Valley.


Emergency preparedness

At Rouge Valley, we are committed to being able to continue delivering services no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in. We have plans and protocols in place that ensure the hospital is prepared for and can respond to any emergency that arises.

To learn more, please read our emergency preparedness overview.

Dial 5555 for help

If you are experiencing a life-threatening or safety issue while at either of our Rouge Valley hospital campuses, please dial 5555 from any internal phone in the hospital. Once your call has been connected, state the nature of the emergency and provide the location and assistance will be given to you as quickly as possible. This number should only be used to elicit a critical emergency response.


Cell phones

Cell phones are allowed in some areas of the hospital. Please observe any signs posted, which indicate where cell phones are and are not permitted. Please check with staff if you are not certain.



Please do not bring latex rubber balloons into the hospital. Some people are allergic to them and could become very sick from an allergic reaction. If you want to bring balloons, please choose the shiny Mylar ones. You can buy Mylar balloons in party stores and in the hospital gift shop.


Pay phones and taxi phones

  • Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering: Pay phones are located on every floor, in the emergency department, and at in both the east and west entrances. They are also located throughout the hospital, and on most patient floors. A direct-dial taxi phone is located near Admitting in the east lobby.

  • Rouge Valley Centenary: Pay phones are located in The Court lobby, emergency department lobby, the third floor corridor of the main building near The Grapevine Restaurant, and in the Margaret Birch Wing lobby. They are also located on many patient floors.

Direct-dial Taxi phones are found in the main lobby near the bank machine, in the emergency department lobby and at the security desk in the Margaret Birch Wing lobby.

Bank machine

  • Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering: A 24-hour bank machine is located in the main lobby.

  • Rouge Valley Centenary: A 24-hour bank machine is located in the west lobby, and in the Margaret Birch Wing lobby.


Food services

At Rouge Valley, staff, visitors and ambulatory patients can enjoy a good restaurant meal, a fast coffee shop snack or something quick from the vending machines. Patients, however, should be careful to stick to any dietary restrictions that are important for their health.

Here is a list of restaurants located at our hospital campuses:

Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering

  • Druxys

Rouge Valley Centenary

  • La Prep

  • Tim Hortons

  • Subway


Gift shops

Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering: The Auxiliary Gift Shop

The Auxiliary Gift Shopoffers fresh flowers, clothing, toiletries, giftware, stationery, books and magazines, cosmetics, lingerie, greeting cards, candy and more. Revenue from the Auxiliary Gift Shop is used to buy hospital equipment.

  • Location: Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering: First floor, east wing

  • Hours of operation: Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. (occasional evening hours)

For more information, please call 905-683-2320 ext. 1440.

Rouge Valley Centenary: The Tapestry Gift Shop

The Tapestry Gift Shop has a full range of gifts and collectibles from around the world, fresh flowers, clothing (infant to adult sizes), jewellery, stationery, books, music CDs, candy, cosmetics, gift baskets, food baskets, greeting cards, nightwear, and more. Free delivery is provided within the hospital. Revenue from the Tapestry is donated to Rouge Valley Health System Foundation.

  • Location: The Court, second floor

  • Hours of operation: Sunday – Sunday, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. (closed on statutory hours)

For more information, please call 416-284-8131 ext. 4197.


Lost & found

  • Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering: Lost-and-found items are kept in the Security Office at the west entrance.

  • Rouge Valley Centenary: Lost-and-found items are kept at the Security Desk in the Margaret Birch Wing lobby.